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About Us

Pentacle Drummers Band Logo

The first incarnation of Pentacle Drummers were formed on 28th July 2001 for the Eastbourne Giants (Herne and Andred), to beat a path for them at the very first Eastbourne Lammas Festival.

However the group was just known as the Eastbourne Giants and Drummers for a couple of years. 

Eventually the drummers took on more of a separate identity and became Pentacle Drummers, the chosen name to reflect the pagan origins of the band.

The Pentacle Drummers continued to perform with the Giants at parades and gatherings, but began to receive enquiries to perform on their own.
Bookings for the Pentacle Drummers grew and grew until it was decided to separate the two groups, the Drummers and the Giants.

Since then, the Pentacle Drummers have grown into the premiere drumming troupe in England, and have performed all over the country at events small and huge. Often imitated, but never equaled.

The Pentacle Drummers' main livery is green and red and our tatter coats and face paint and kilts help lend a theatrical touch to events. At medieval festivals we enter into the spirit of the events by adopting full medieval attire. At the Sussex bonfires however we adopt a much darker look. You will recognise us by our more sombre costumes and make-up.

Being a professional performing group, Pentacle Drummers hold £5M Public Liability Insurance, so you can be secure in the knowledge that booking us comes with this level of cover.


"The Pentacle Drummers are truly a sight to behold. I don't think I have ever seen so much energy from a group."

- Jennifer Darby -

In The Media

Pentacle Drummers
in the Media

The Pentacle Drummers are no strangers to performing in the larger media

Some of our the Pentacle Drummers in can be seen in music videos TV shows and films.

Music videos we have worked on include Dirtee Cash by Dizzee Rascal, and the multi award winning Dog Days by Florence and the Machine.

In Nov of 2017 many of the Pentacle Drummers were asked to work on locally filmed horror movie, '13 Graves' which starred our very own Greg Draven as the villian - The Woodsman. You can watch 13 Graves on Amazon.

More recently some of our drummers could be seen in the acclaimed The Third Day and The Third Day: Autumn.

The Pentacle Drummers in 13 Graves
Pentacle Drummers in 13 Graves
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